Anti-Comintern Pact


The alliances and countries involved in WWII were relatively the same as WWI and the causes of the war was as well: materialism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism. On top of that was new development during 1919-1939: the failure of the Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, the isolationist policies of the USA and the USSR, rise of the Fascist and Nazi regions in Italy and Germany, the appeasement polices of the other European powers and the global economic depression. WWII started in September 1934 and ended in August 1945, where the ideologies of the war (liberalism, communism, and fascism) were struggling to overpower each other. During the war, it involved terror bombing due to technological advancement for the war planes that would fly over area where even citizens were caught in the fires of the planes. The WWII started with Hitler invaded Poland. The German developed a technique called "Blitzkrieg" and this had quickened the invasion of Poland. Soon France was targeted and England was as well. The alliances of this war were the Allies (England, France, and Soviet Union, US) and the Axis power (Germany, Italy and Japan).

The Anti-Comintern Pact justifies the alliances of the Axis power. The Anti-Comintern Pact was originally an alliance between Japan and Nazi Germany where it was retaliation to the Franco-Soviet Treaty in 1935 and the anti-Nazi Popular Front in 1935. Hitler felt threaten and wanted an ally that was against the Soviet Union, this is where Japan came into play, Japan felt that Russia was a potential rival in the Far East region. Italy soon joined the Pact in 1937, Japanese-sponsored state of Manchukuo, Hungary, and Spain joined in 1939, and finally Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Romania, and Slovakia joined in 1941. This was important because now Hitler had European satellites to link with the Axis power.

Other alliances that followed after the Anti-Comintern Pact was the Pact of Steel (Germany and Italy) in 1939 and the Tripartite Pact (Germany, Italy and Japan) in 1940.

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