Crystal Palace of England
London, England (1851)

The Crystal Palace was built in Hyde Park and was created for an exhibition: the Great Exhibition which was organized by Prince Albert. The structure was designed by Sir Joseph Paxton and majority of it is composed of glass and iron, the building was 1850 feet long and had 25 acres of glass. The building ended up holding many shows, exhibitions and festivals and in 1920 it became the nation's property. The Crystal Palace was close to being destroyed in a fire in 1936, but was demolished in 1941 for fear of it being a landmark that would lead enemy bombers to London during WWII.


Nationalism was an ideology popular in the 18th to 20th century where it united the people of the nation and was the common feelings of the people. The feeling of pride for one's ethnicity, cultural heritage, language and religion; this alienated some people and also demanded the freedom of political, economical and cultural influence. Nationalism has been exercised throughout history by old regimes and leaders which wish to gain political support from the people of the nation; usually was used in times of fear such as the World Wars. Other countries looked at countries like Britain, as a guideline for their attempt of gaining independence.

Crystal Palace

*the feeling of England achieving great accomplishment and advancement over the other countries (power)
*England was the only country capable of sustaining an Industrial Revolution at that time
-celebrated the technological achievement of England after the Industrial Revolution
-iron was a major production during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution where it replaced stones, brick and wood as building materials for structures
*due to the fact the building was made of glass it was of great pride to the people on how it was still preserved at the time
*the fact that the building became the nation's property showed how much people took pride in the building

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