Pope Paul III

Pope Paul III original name was Alessandro Farnese, he was born into one of the powerful Renaissance families in Camino (northern Italy). Paul was educated in Rome and in Florence at the court of Lorenzo de Medici where he entered the service of the Church right after. In 1493, he was appointed to the position of cardinal by Pope Alexander VI. In 1519 he was ordained and in 1534 he was elected as the pope and reign for fifteen years.
Pope Paul III (r.1534-1549)

What Defines the Counter-Reformation?

The Counter-Reformation was a period in which the Catholic Church tried to maintain dominance and power over religion while also suppressing the movement created by reformers such as Luther. The Counter-Reformation aims were to:

*reconfiguration to the church's structure
-this was an attempt to satisfy and bring back people to their service
*religious orders
*spiritual movement
-'advertising' their religion to new faces

Pope Paul III

*In 1537 ordered the member of the clergy to "Go ye and teach all nations. All, without exception, for all are capable of receiving the doctrine of the faith."
-this was his spiritual movement
*due to the success of the reformation and Emperor Charles V, Paul was force to call a general council of the church to look at the church doctrine
*during that time he look at new orders such as the Jesuits and encouraged the new religious communities
-in 1540 he gave papal approval to the Society of Jesus and in 1544 to the Ursulines
*in 1542 he founded the Congregation of Roman Inquisition
-this was a regression to the reformation where they prosecuted people who were accused of being a heretic
*in 1545 he started the Council of Trent (structural reconfiguration)
-constant interruptions due to war, plague, and change in imperial rulers and pope cause it to take up to almost two decade
-Protestant leaders were allowed in it but were not allowed to speak
-Paul was not there to see it all through (change of four different pope) but accomplished in making some reforms such as having proper training for priests or not buying offices

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